We do things
differently here at Chef india

We make authentic slow cooked curries, low fat, no artificial ingredients and nutritious.
We believe good food should be slow cooked to build up natural flavours and aromas. We don't add any flavouring, enhancers or additives to our food just a lot of time, effort and carefully selected good quality ingredients.
We make better takeaway and delivery food than anyone else!.

Each dish is
made to order

We have spent years fine tuning our skills, ingredients and kitchen so we can make fresh, healthy and nutritious Indian food.

Throughout the week we have deliveries of fresh ingredients which arrive at 9am, we spend the next seven hours preparing and by 4pm our curries are ready. Our legumes are slow cooked overnight and our naan breads are slow fermented for 48 hours for build up natural flavours in the naans without the need of extra salt, sugar and yeast. This also reduces the amount of gluten in the naans!