Our menu includes good for you food, while not forgetting the traditional favourites. Like real artisans, we cook our food from scratch with fresh natural ingredients, local meat and vegetables. We don’t use preservatives or flavour enhancers, just a lot of passion, love and care.

We are passionate about our ingredients and want to supply you with the very best. We work with a select group of trusted suppliers to ensure that we always provide you with great Indian and Indian inspired food that you won’t find in any other place.

We believe that great food starts with great ingredients, which is why we only source and purchase high quality herbs, spices, vegetables and meat.

We know that if our recipes are to stand out our lamb and chicken have to be fresh and top-notch. We have build long-term sustainable relationships with all our suppliers, so that we know and trust that our fresh lamb and chicken come from Dutch farms.

In order to reduce our carbon food print we source locally grown produce as much as we can. But due to the nature of our cuisine we have to buy our more exotic ingredients abroad to make sure we capture those authentic flavours. For even more authentic taste we make all our spice blends and pastes in house.


We understand Islamic dietary requirements quite well and wanted to create a place where everyone can come together to dine and enjoy our food and atmosphere. Historically Asian culture has been a vibrant mix of religions, languages, races and cultures who existed in harmony coming together to celebrate life under various rulers through the ages.

100% HALAL

At chef India we take great care to ensure that everything that we serve is Halal. We ensure that not only chicken & lamb is fully certified 100% halal but we also constantly check our entire supply chain is also halal and suitable for Muslims and vegetarians. We prepare all our curries separately from scratch and do not use any commercial mass produced ingredients which makes it easier for us to ensure everything is Halal.


We do not serve any beef or pork products or use anything derived from them and for strict vegetarians we have a separate area for vegetarian food preparation and cooking so no cross contamination can happen. We use separate cooking utensils for vegetarian dish preparation


At Chef India our philosophy of unity is lived out every single day as our team members are from a wide variety of cultural and religious backgrounds Atheist, Christian, Hindu, Jewish and Muslim each one of them a valued positive contributor on our journey.


In india, vegetarian dishes are everywhere. From street food stalls to high end restaurants, vegetarian meals take pride of place on the menu 
Discover our range of vegetarian dishes. 
We also have some vegan options for you to enjoy


Most of our curries are naturally suitable for those with gluten intolerance. While we make every effort to reduce crosscontamination, cannot guarantee alergen free dishes.


At Chef India we love food and hate waste. We are continuously working on improving our kitchen to ensure our waste is reduced.


At Chef India we don’t have an extensive menu because we like to keep things simple. We offer healthy meals, but we also have our “Naughty but Nice” selection for the occasional cheat treat.


Home cooked food from fresh ingredients is widely recognized as being richer in vital nutrients than anything processed and free from unnatural additives.